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Tech Special Forces© (TSF)

Technician Engineer Troop Count
Total Tech-Army Ready For Service: 14876
Service Area: 1023 Cities Worldwide
Updated: Feb 2, 2008

Tech-Army Nationwide Service

TSF Sales Engineers have over 14876 Troops Available for AV, Computer, Security and Network Service

One point of contact for computer projects in over 1000 cities worldwide.

 TSF Sales Engineers coordinate nationwide and worldwide computer service the same way a general  coordinates men and material on the battlefield. With a detailed plan. You know the costs and the potential trouble areas ahead of time.

While Tech Special Forces can't coordinate a battle for the military, they can coordinate a vast array of computer technicians, network engineers and video surveillance experts in over 1000 locations worldwide.

Over 14876 Tech Army troops are ready to deliver servers, routers, install fiber optics, sound boards for audio visual presentations, install network infrastructure and build video surveillance with a variety of camera security products.

Tech Special Forces schedule installation of hardware, software and manpower at any location in the US and Canada.

TSF contact Tech Army Members in the field for progress reports, before, during and after installations. TSF will report directly to you with the updates you need. TSF can even be deployed on site for event management missions.

Tech Special Forces schedule work directly with these Tech Army Member  companies:

Computer Service Now  ...for on-site network computer service
Camera Security Now  ...for cctv security camera installation ...for computer and tech network and server rentals

Great help for all your complex corporate projects like setting up multimedia equipment for conference or trade show, planning and implementation of new company office technology, disaster recovery, or other company event that requires technical expertise.

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